Nomadia is an imaginary country, without traced borders, without land ownership. As it extends over nationalities, it extends over time – the past, present and the future are all interconnected.
Nomadia is a country of travelers in tents. Its history is unwritten, and floats only from the mouth to ear of storytellers.
I was inspired by present events of occupy movement in USA, Indignados in Spain, Acampamentos in Portugal, where tents and camping became a form of pacific but powerful protest. Tents have been used in different cultures, as North American indigenous people, Mongolian shepherds and Sahara tribes. All these nations and tribes were living just with basics, to own luxurious and heavy things just wasn´t useful for someone, who is always ready for a journey. To live in the tent is almost to live as one with nature and therefore people of Nomadia don´t consider Nature a property of man, but a man being part of the Nature. I consider this way of thinking and living very meaningful in today´s situation.

The room in Gandy Gallery is serving as a temporary space for  museum of Nomadia: models of  tents from around the world and throughout the history hang in the space as if they were levitating in the air. This idea is reaction to the situation, when most of the real "acampadas" were pushed out from public space. Also many of nomadic cultures are facing pressures from states, corporations… some are already extinct. But the air over us belongs to everybody yet no one occupies it. So it is designated for such a common use, as camping.

Nomadia is a reaction to the feeling that happens sometimes in history: when people of different nationalities, backgrounds and ages feel the same. As if there was an idea in the air that everyone shares. And everyone adds a little of his own. This work is my small contribution towards this undefined idea.